The CC diagnoses & manages life threatening conditions that require sophisticated organ support & invasive monitoring. Specially trained staff deliver specialized care for patients with cardiac, surgical, neurosurgical, trauma and other critical medical needs. The unit is the backbone of all medical & surgical treatment.
Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team to
  • Coordinate the total care of patients with a Ute, life threatening illness or injuries
  • Ensure that treatment is appropriate for all organ system
  • Honor patients preferences regarding medical treatment
  • Respect the patients religious & cultural beliefs

Intensivists are assigned to BSH ICU on a full time basis to provide on going & consistent care to all patients. The department is equipped to handle any kind of emergency, while expert staff is on hand to offer care, advice & support round the clock.

BSH highly specialized treatments combine intensive nursing & the latest technology to support the patients complex needs as they battle their way to recovery. This includes assisted ventilation with life support machines using specialist equipment to take over the functions of the kidney employing pumps to deliver essential drugs and to support heat circulations
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